Eight days shy of four years

Since I updated this thing.  Four years!  This is practically a livejournal trapped in amber at this point.  Four years is college, a marriage, a fight with cancer.  I’m resurrecting it because I’ve actually been doing a lot of publishing and figured I needed a poetey presence online.  Seems to be the thing.

Should I do a four year catch-up? Is this a diary?  Really I just feel like I need an online presence as a Real Poet. I’ll stick with the poetey things for now and hint at the rest catch as catch can.  The meetings. The relapses. The attempts.  The hospitals. The broken romances.  So Byronic.

So, poetically, I’ve published a few poems over the past four years, about half of those coming this year alone.  I’ve started publishing my own zine, Retirement Plan, which originally published exclusively Michiana poets and writers and artists but has since moved on in scope, largely as I’ve run out of contributors in South Bend.  I’ll do posts on those later.

Perhaps most excitingly, I’ve got a book coming out, which was on my “do soon before you die and you can’t” suicide list.  My book, The Very Small Mammoths of Wrangel Island will be published by Urban Farmhouse Press in Spring 2020.  I should be writing about this in a much more excited tone but we’ve been working on it for 7 months at this point and the novelty has worn off.

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