“Permission” in 365 Tommorrows, “Leviathans” accepted by Nebula Rift, plus: mystery acceptance!

downloadWell, this is weird.  This whole project was envisioned as a path to publication.  Write ten stories, get better at it, start submitting in earnest. This week I jumped the gun a little bit by getting a story published online and two others accepted for publication!  One I can’t officially mention yet, I think, because it’s not technically official.  Soon.

First, my flash fiction piece “Permission” was run in 365 Tommorrows on April 8.  While I don’t know if this is technically a “publication” in the strictest sense of the word, as it’s a collaborative online project and not as much a magazine, I’m still giddy. You have to submit and get accepted to have a story featured there. Fuck it. I’m taking this.

Second, I got word this morning that my story “The Leviathans” was accepted by Nebula Rift! Woot. Nebula Rift is a paid publication, and does so in a novel way.  Rather than per word they pay lifetime royalties from online magazine sales.  The money isn’t important to me here, as you can’t make a living writing short stories. I think the standard “professional” pay rate is 6 cents per word, which means that “The Leviathans,” which took me two weeks to write if memory serves, would pay 300 bucks before taxes at the professional per-word rate.  More, it’s about the validation.  If someone thinks they can sell what I’ve written then I must be doing something minor-ly right.

Third, I got another flash fiction piece tentatively accepted but it’s not official yet so forget what you read here.  

Oh, I also got a speculative fiction poem, “Fertility,” accepted by Apex Magazine last week.  So it’s actually four in two weeks.  I fully expect a bus to hit me on the way home from work tonight.

Anyway, I didn’t post a flash fiction Friday, and I really fucking need to.  Getting some sort of validation was a great motivator. Also I really need to start reading more, religiously, but that’s for another post.

4 thoughts on ““Permission” in 365 Tommorrows, “Leviathans” accepted by Nebula Rift, plus: mystery acceptance!

    • Thanks, William! I still need to read the issue! My reading pile always seems to be a couple months ahead of me. I’ve got three entire issues of Asimov’s I haven’t even cracked open yet. Do you peer review for any of the Efiction magazines? I’ve started trying to provide feedback on submission alerts I get. I have NO experience doing it.


      • No peer reviews for eFiction, I just discovered them a month ago.. LOL. I’m backlogged on reading (and writing) too 🙂 If you’re not already, join the “Open Call” groups on Facebook. Great places to get and provide feedback on sub calls, and DarkMarkets.com is a good one for open submissions too.


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